The Best EDC Knives Of 2020

At EDC Knives, we consider the knives and gear you see here essential daily tools. While it's not the good deal it once was before a round of MAP updates put Spyderco's retail prices through the roof, at ~$190 retail the standard Shaman is still one of the very best knives you can get under $200 in terms of both utility as well as fit and finish.
Now, before you start looking through this massive list (sorted into categories so it's much easier to browse - if you'd prefer an article that sorts the best Edc Knives by price point, take a look at our best bang-for-buck folders article), I'd like you to first get it into your head that the best everyday carry knife on the market will be different for each and every person.

Our main complaint about the TAC FORCE Spring Assisted Opening model is the fact that its blade doesn't always fold all the way to the end, which could cause some damage to other items that you're carrying in your pocket - to your smartphone, for example.
Clip Point: The clip point is another very popular design where the spine of the blade comes out from the handle in a flat line until a certain section, usually halfway or perhaps a little more than half, where the blade is essentially clipped out in the same shape a fingernail cutter cuts your nails.

Of course, regardless of what style you choose, there are a few constants that also help elevate this pocket knife into the realm of the greatest ever — like a sturdy, proprietary AXIS locking system, a signature silhouette, and materials like CPM steel and nylon handle scales.
A unique deep carry pocket clip is slightly recessed from the surface of the handle to prevent hot spots, and there's also an oversized decorative pivot on the show side and a unique floating backspacer design to give the Bareknuckle some visual pop.
Most locking knives have only one blade that is as large as can be fitted into the handle, because the locking mechanism relies on a spring-loaded latch built into the spine or frame of the handle to lock it and it is difficult to build in multiple levers, one for each blade.

Of pocket clips and blade finish, Ostroff opined, Pocket clips are vital on a folder, and tip-up is the only way to go as long as the knifemaker ensures that the detent is strong.” Stark said deep-carry pocket clips” that hold the knife significantly lower in the pocket are a strong selling point.
Featuring an ELMAX stainless steel blade, the 0801BW Flipper also boasts an integrated pocket clip, a built-in ambidextrous flipper for fast, one-handed opening, and a built-in frame lock with hardened steel lock bar insert to secure the blade in place while in use.
Where the knife is almost an afterthought on most multi-tools out there, the FREE K4X features a blade-centric design that incorporates a full-size 3.3" locking blade with a useful wharncliffe shape that's great for everyday utility cutting and slicing tasks.

If you don't already know, EDC stands for everyday carry and essentially means that you're choosing to carry a knife with high utility value that is easy to transport and contain on your body without it significantly slowing you down or taking up all of your storage or pocket space.
One of the most striking EDC knives on our list is a solid option for an everyday carry, for any environment. A folding knife is a type of Everyday Carry knife in which the blade and handle are connected by a pivot making it possible for the blade to easily fold into the knife's handle.

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