Certified Nursing Assistants are highly needed throughout the State. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services defines assisted living communities as locations which provide food, shelter, services and supplemental health care to nursing home philadelphia adults.” The average assisted senior living community offers residents a comfortable … Read More

Ambler Extended Care Center is a 100-bed extended care facility that has provided short-term rehabilitation and long-term care to Ambler, Pennsylvania and its surrounding communities since 1966. Pennsylvania regulations require that nursing homes report positive test results for COVID-19 to state and local health departments, but there's no require… Read More

Research published by the National Decubitus Foundation reports that over one million people each year will acquire a potentially fatal bed sore or pressure ulcer of some kind. The hospice must designate an Interdisciplinary Group (IDG) or groups composed of individuals who work together to meet the physical, medical, psychosocial, emotional, and s… Read More

Manorcare Health Services-Williamsport North is an assisted living facility located in Williamsport, PA 17701. We improve the lives of our clients and their families by providing excellent medical and rehabilitative care services that alleviate pressure, confusion, and worry, give you peace of mind, prevent complications and hospitalization, and he… Read More

One day you realize that mom or dad can no longer live in their own home alone. While a federal hardship waiver does not apply to assisted living facilities, you can still reach out to government agencies, such as your Area Agency on Aging or your local long-term care ombudsman , which every state is required to have under the Federal Older America… Read More