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The Constitutional Law on the Judiciary establishes that jurisdictional functions may only be exercised by professional judg­es and magistrates, who make up the judicial profes­sion. Justices of the Peace Courts (magistrate's courts) operate in municipalities having no court of first instance or examining court. The law also establishes that although the governing body of the judiciary shall maintain budgetary independence, the first budget will be zero-based, so all of the needs of the institution must be justified before it can be drafted. This strategy is intended to contribute to the good gov­ernance and economic efficiency of the institution.
The role of the registrar is to assess or verify the legality of documents presented for entry in the public registers of land and companies, which respectively record rights regarding real estate and companies, as well as other documents and deeds. Each jurisdictional order contains organs specialising in specific fields. The civil order, for instance, compris­es courts of first instance, commercial courts, and fam­ily law courts; the criminal order comprises examining courts, criminal courts, gender-based violence courts, prison supervision courts and juvenile courts.

And it is that the legislation recognizes several aspects related to the possession of a house, such as the right to housing or the right of use that falls on it. It is essential to rely on these arguments in order to stop the process. Our fees get adjusted to the needs of the client, by a Budget, also by matter or by continuous advice. We provide a total customer solution for your needs of legal advise in Spain. THIS WEBSITE DOES NOT PROVIDE LEGAL ADVICE. Accessing this website is a request for information and does not create an attorney-client relationship between any user and listed attorneys, or the owners of this site. If the property, in part or entirely, occupies part of the public domain, it will be demolished at the end of the concession.
SC11.- Know how to present facts orally and in writing, and extract argumentative legal consequences, taking into account the context and the addressee to whom they are directed, in accordance with the procedures inherent to each procedural area. GC10.- Students must be able to add value through their knowledge and skills in legal practice. Lawyers and economists specialized in the practice of Bankruptcy Law who require an update of their previously acquired legal knowledge. It is added that this will be done, provided that the Courts, Tribunals and Prosecutors’ Offices have the means to do so.

In this way, we position ourselves as allies in the event of mergers or acquisitions of other companies. All this contributes to increasing the position in the sector, but to be successful it must be carried out rigorously and with the help of professionals. The first consultation is completely free; We process your divorce or separation, as well as other issues related to the custody of your children.
In relation to Personally Identifiable Information Protection, she provides legal advice to companies on the compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law . She also prepares the acts and documentation required by Legislation. Our services also include defending our clients before judicial bodies in cases of violation of contractual obligations - both for violation of the contracts themselves as well as for violation of the competition law. Our range of services includes advising on copyright protection, ownership and scope of copyright and corporate rights as well as the term of protection, ownership and transfer of exploitation rights, and the actions to be taken after a violation of said rights has occurred. Multiple seminars and courses on foreclosure, unfair clauses and current regulations at ICAM and SEPIN. Specialized in monitorios, declaratory and especially in cash and mortgage foreclosures.

Each judge or association may in turn endorse a maximum of 12 candidates. The reform provides for a council renewal system ensur­ing that the deadlines set out in law are met in a time­ly manner. In relation to Banking Law, she manages all types of legal proceedings with personal or private guarantee, bills of exchange, checks, promissory notes, court orders, and other matters related to Banking Contracts. She started working at DJV Abogados in 2006 as an attorney for the Banking Law Department, providing legal advice, the formalization of operations, and debt collection legal claims for a number of financial entities.
His counterpart Rodrigo López ‘stands out for his technical and professional experience', while Rafael Aguilera has significant experience acting for banks. The dual qualified Ferran Foix is a go-to name for foreign clients in Spanish matters, and of counsel Irene Arévalo is a litigator with a focus on insolvency. Our team of lawyers and economists offers advice on the most appropriate corporate structures for new business ventures and when setting-up companies, amending articles of association, and dissolving and liquidating businesses. The team also gives advice on corporate restructuring and the design and implementation of strategic improvements to help companies achieve their goals and to minimise their expenses in terms of operational, employment, tax and financial costs.

Twenty of these claims have been resolved in favour of their clients, and although the BBVA bank and the Sociedad de Garantía Recíproca of the Comunidad Valenciana are appealing against the sentences their objections are being rejected by the Supreme Court. It operates under the Ministry of Labor in cases of business insolvency or bankruptcy that have made it impossible for the individual to earn what he or she should based on the services provided as a worker. The Mediators' Register and the mediation institutions have been up-and-running since July 2014. Entry to the judicial profession is based on the princi­ples of merit and ability.
Hides, damages or destroys any documentation that the business is obliged to maintain before the term established for this legal duty has elapsed, when this significantly hinders or prevents examination or assessment of the actual economic situation of the debtor. Carries out acts of disposal by handing over or transferring money or other assets, or through the assumption of debts, that are not proportionate to the financial position of the debtor, or to his income, and that cannot be justified from an economic or business perspective. If you’re interested in finding out more about our team of lawyers in Valencia, you can do so, obligation-free, using the details below. Assisting clothing retailer Kast International with insolvency proceedings. Acting for an international investment fund as significant stakeholder in a European apparel group in judicial proceedings relating to the challenge of a corporate resolution. Acting for Grupo Peyber in a variety of matters within its insolvency proceedings.

Member of the San Simón & Duch office in Madrid, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the Universidad CEU San Pablo. Rosa Martínez is an expert lawyer in fiscal and tax advice to both businesses and individuals. She also advises in sports law, to which she is closely linked. She was awarded the silver medal at the 1992 Summer Olympics in the sport of racquetball. Felipe Morera has studies in the United States, France and Spain and more than 20 years of professional experience in banking and economic criminal areas. We prepare the public deeds and assist the client in Notary as lawyers and interpreters.
He has been a Judge for seven years performing his functions in various First Instance and Instruction Courts of the Community of Madrid. Every member of staff has individual access to internet which allows them to provide reliable up to date information concerning any matter subjected to enquiry in this office. Civil Procedural Law, Bankruptcy Law, Administrative Law, Judicial Review, civil liability, breach of contract, evictions and leases. All of this is complemented by a permanent information system that provides regular information of the progress of client legal files. Management of proceedings in all jurisdictions, including proceedings before the European Economic Community and other international bodies. Sitting judge of Commercial Court no.11 of Madrid, and in commission of commercial court no. 17 of Madrid.

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