Top Sourcing And Research Tools

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is one of the must-have things for an Amazon FBA seller. They have a free tool that attempts to compete with the Jungle Scout and ASINSpector Pro Chrome extensions, called Unicorn Smasher While it is cool, I have found that the data is much less accurate than Jungle Scout and I don't actively recommend it.
If you're looking for a handy alternative to Jungle Scout that's perfect for both new and experienced Amazon sellers, ASINspector is the right Jungle Scout alternative choice. It is definitely the cheaper option amongst the two but, Helium 10 gives you a small bunch of features more than the Jungle Scout.

You might think that having a good amount of product reviews is just a general ecommerce best practice, and this is true, but product reviews on the Amazon Marketplace - an ecommerce sales channel with its own unique set of rules - play a significant and multifaceted role in overall sales performance (especially when launching and trying to ramp up a new product).
As an Amazon seller, you may be comfortable right now with your online business and will certainly benefit from Algopix's excellent Amazon product research tools and bulk analysis, however, if one day you may want to expand your business or explore other marketplaces, the option is there and already included in the price.
The key difference between the web app and the Chrome extension is that that the Chrome extension provides product analytics based on specific searches made on That is, the Chrome extension will provide you information on the sales potential of a particular product once you feed it a particular search term to consider.

Sellozo's core offering, Insights & Analytics with Financial Reporting, provide Amazon Sellers an enhanced and complete view of their sales and product data, paired with both organic and sponsored sales and performance data, in an easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard.
Not comfortable about a number of the revenue margins of these products, obviously selling bodily merchandise means an enormous portion of your income has to go towards the price of products offered & securing one other bulk shipment from China, but in addition the fact that does such an excellent cancel jungle scout job at pinning you towards the competition with their product pages that listing rivals products as advice, your gross sales costs are very a lot dictated by the competition and as extra competitors join Amazon FBA, the costs, typically, are happening for many niches.

You can scan a retailers website for profitable products and it works in the US, Canada and the UK. You can also scan for products on Amazon to resell on eBay and you can import wholesale or distributor feeds to check these against Amazon for opportunities.
Black Box: this tool is great for uncovering product ideas and product can simply type in a keyword and filter out certain criteria just like you would in Jungle Scout web app. It's one of the product research tools in the market built to help sellers find the most ideal stuff to list on Amazon.
Inspect the search visibility for different search terms for the same product and identify exactly where the listing is ranking for that particular keyword, based on page rank and position in the search result. Here the Seller Labs has mainly provided a set of powerful tools and applications that are capable of doing the product campaign, data analysis, suggestions etc.

It works in a fashion similar to the JS Chrome Extension, but it also gives you access to a dashboard from where you can manage your searches. Apart from that, you'll also face a threat from your own customers in form of negative reviews that some of them might drop on your products.

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